Game Engine

I am involved in creation a game engine. I have started working few months back. I am using VisualC++/Windows environment. Anyone interested working in this project, let me know. I am myself a beginner Opengl programmer, so i am learning as I am going. Also, this game engine leans towards FPS ( First Person shooter). After the game engine , my plan is to build a demo FPS game. So I need helping hand, who knows one day we will make mega bucks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Work on a RPG instead; there just arenโ€™t enough good ones :slight_smile: I hate to admit it, but sometimes Iโ€™ll even break out the old Crono-Trigger on my ZSNES. I know, Iโ€™m a freak, but I still get a warm fuzzy :smiley:

Shooters have become very pretty, but not very imaginative. Add something new to the genre :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your engine.

Youโ€™ll probably get more replies at gamedev. :slight_smile: