Game engine structure

Where can i get info about game engine structure?

Send $10,000 to my paypal account, and I’ll send you all the information you need :-p.


I don’t need graphical tutorials or aricles. I need detaled information about object orentated game engine structure. Enginuity from Gamedev i have already red. Is there any online books obout this topic?

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I’d suggest taking a look at the feature archives of this is the online portal of Game Developer magazine. The articles are written by industry pros and are intended for professionals. You won’t find the simple 4-step cookbook for engine construction but there’s a lot of information and I’m sure some of it will help you.

In general I’d also suggest buying a book. Charles River Media has an excellent series and many other publishers have their shares of good paperwork. I know that this is an unpopular notion with the internet and all it’s information just around the corner but the time a good book will save you is well worth the money you spend.

at most basic level any game engine must do the following regardless of language:

  1. set up, initialize. (get everything ready)
    here is where you init graphics/video
    mode , and any game specific stuff like
    loading graphics/audio and set initial
    states for all

  2. get input, and process
    here is where you take user input and
    update things like player/enemy position.
    if player not exiting game go to step 3
    else step 4

  3. render single frame of game
    here is where you redraw the scene for
    every frame. Goto step 2.
    This and step 2 is heart of
    game engine. Basically a big loop!

  4. exit game and shutdown
    here is where you clean up and
    deallocate/unload anything you used so
    you leave system as you found it.