Game Engine Editor

i know this question is not all about opengl but here i am.
I’m thinking on how to develop an editor for my “game engine” and i’m thinking c# windows form is perfect: is fast, easy to use and so on.
The question is that my engine is written in c++, so i’m thinking to use windows form only as gui for the tools and keep my c++ code as it is.
How can i do it? thanks for help.

in short you can’t

but you can use gui libraris like gtk+opengl

take a look:

or use SDL for gui

i know there is a way because this is the way DICE writes his Game Engine Editor’s code but i know this way is not well known therefore i’ll try something else.

Guys i’m stuck on how to use glew combined with gtk + or qt, can someone give me a good explanation on how to use qt or gtk combined with glew?

You shouldn’t need to use GLEW. For Qt, you can use QGLContext::getProcAddress() to get a pointer to an extension function. Similarly with gdk_gl_get_proc_address() for GtkGLExt.