Game Development Question

Ok I understand how to do all of the things in the NeHe OpenGl tutorials, however how do i put it all together in a game? how to i get a game to work? i know well how to make a box, and rotate it, or put a font on the screen, or put a texture on a wireframe, but how do i make that into a game? i know it may be simple but i am slow to the concept, thanx for any help.

Programmers/Software engeneers create the tools and the engine, the game is “made” by the artists.

Take a look at any almost-complete-3d-engine to get the idea how they are done. Example: crystal space.


wrong. all programmers doesn’t work with technology or utilities. There are gameai programmers, who work only with game stuffs
depended on its needs.

I think that there are a few things you’re missing:

  1. User interaction: here you get input from the user (via keyboard, mouse, joystick, …) and make it have effect on the game (changing the location or movement pattern of the users “avatar”, spawning new objects, …).

  2. Object behaviour: you have some objects in the game apart from the avatar. Usually, they do something – at least move. This is usually called AI (because people like this word).

  3. Interaction: If a bullet hits an object or an object hits another, you might want to do something. This involves things like collision detection.

First you must decide what you want to do…
Then I would download examples similar to what you want to do.
Search for sourcecode at:
or simply use a searchengine…

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Programmers/Software engeneers create the tools and the engine, the game is “made” by the artists. This is beautiful Lev, and so, so true.

The question “how do I write a game?” is not one that can be answered easily. The best thing is to start with simple things, very simple, and work up. And chances are you should start 2D, not 3D.

another good idea starting out on games is make a copy of some small game like space invaders or tetris… something like that. This way you already have a game design and a clear path of where you want to end up.