Game Crashing

My pc had the openGL problem but I fixxed it.
Now when I play Urban Terror it crash.
I play like 5 or 6 mins and it stops and I have to restart my pc. And its also very slow…I have a good internet but with this pc it lags and my ping (normally 80-100) goes to 400-500.
Can you help me?
Thanks for the attetion!

You will probably get better help on the forums of the game :

anyway :

  1. what was your “opengl problem” ?
  2. and how did you fix it ?
  3. what is your pc ? laptop or desktop ? video card ? video driver version ? cpu ? ram ? OS version ?
  4. make sure your PC does not overheat : clean dust, check fans rotate correctly, check room temperature, etc.

I posted on urt forums too.
my openGL problem (“could not load open GL Subsytem”) made me update my graphic cards.
I have a desktop, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Version: (Im not sure)
Intel ® pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
512 MB Ram
OS - XP Service Pack 3