"fx" files with glsl

Is there an fx file format(vertex program/fragment program/parameters/render path/etc) compatible with glsl?

Something similar to cgFX or DirectX fx files?

Thanks in advance for any input…

ATM no there isnt, GLSL its only a shading lang with vertex/fragment shaders, if u want to use the FX format u should use CgFX in OpenGL, but i think its still in beta stages…sorry tho, it would be good too.

if you read last March ARB meeting notes: http://www.opengl.org/about/arb/notes/meeting_note_2004-03-02.html

You can read: " NVIDIA wants to setup a shader language metafile working group; general agreement, and Bill is OK with this being separate from the arb-gl2 WG. We will setup a new mailing list and NVIDIA will identify a WG leader."

I suppose that they are referring to something similar to the fx format.
The March meeting notes are the last one posted so there are no more details about that.
Probably (read the superbuffers/render to texture fiasco) we will have to wait at least two years to have it. NVIDIA has its CgFX format but I suppose that they with ATI/3DLabs/… will be discussing small useless features for months. Then they will notice that the language has become very complex and begin to redesign it to finally have something similar to the current d3d .fx format but two/four years later (assuming that we don’t think that it is currently two years later).
You know, it is the OpenGL ARB: it is full of software/systems architects (some of them very well known) that are becoming too old, they are representing different and competing companies whose main aim seems to be disallow rival hw features in the API even if it supposes that the API doesn’t evolve. This way it takes ages to design an API for existing hw features (in most cases there is an existing API (d3d) for those features)
Conclusion: There is no current .fx format for OpenGL and probably there will not be one in the next years.

Look up Collada (www.collada.org), from Sony. We are working on Shader Designer to support it (the <material> tag), and looks promising.