Futurism + pure opengl 2.0

I have no question, rather im so fashinated about what the future is about to offer…
Just like the rest, I’m dying to start using pure ogl2.0 but since I cant, Im drewling over the 3dlab docs, & thought it could be interesting do discuss that future, such as how we will upgrade & remake our engines.

I very much like the ‘replacing complexity
with programmability’. In my head this future sounds like a dream. Tomorrows 3D engines will be so much different from
each other. No more continously re-inventing the same wheels, and as a result games will finally start differ from each other again like in the old (dos) days. You will be able to download a game or demo and simpy have no
idea what the screen is going to stike you
with. Like the first time Doom came up
on the screen.

Seems like we will have assembler control
but from c…

Any thoughts about all this / future engine designs w/o fixed function pipeline - maybe I should have posted this in another section?

best regards everyone,

I hope the fixed function pipeline will still be there in the drivers! (or at least simulated by the shader language) - otherwise I’m going to have to port all of my code over.

Of course the ARB will have to support all of us using 1.1 through 1.3. We don’t want them doing a DirectX on us do we?

Allowing unlimited code size and unlimited conditional branching will be a major pain in the butt for driver programmers. And of course for the HW guys. Maybe VLIW with predication can do this kind of stuff. Have I just found a use for Itaniums?