funky problem with NPOT 3D texture

For quite a while now i’ve been pulling my hair out over this one…

On my system, glTexImage3D will not accept an NPOT value for a width. height and depth work as they should, and happily take any value <= 512. Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it just some quirk of my system?

This bug has made all of my code very ugly with complicated workarounds to compensate for the POT padding around my dataset.

never used 3d textures. but you should say us, your OS, HW, driver version…

Originally posted by hifuGL:
On my system, …
… that is running which operating system, graphics hardware, and driver version?
Edit: Perfect double post, except that I did. Obviously people like to crosscheck. :wink:

Yes we need more info about your system.

I just tried it on a GeForce 6600 256MB card using WinXP and it works fine.

Oh it would also help to know what your texture parameters are set to and what texture formats you’re trying to use.


sorry i forgot all that stuff. one of these days i’ll start remembering to include it;

OS = W2K sp4
driver = latest NVidia release as of a couple days ago
HW = MSI GF6600 256MB

When i try the NPOT width, it crashes with an access violation.

Please always post full version numbers, when reporting problems. “Latest” is relative and pretty much useless for someone reading this thread in the archives in the future.