Functions for Object Drawing

Hi everyone.

I am actually writing an own opengl library, which should change the rendered image in a certain way, like putting colormasks on it.

This usually works fine, but when i’m trying to use the same lib for vrml viewers (displaying in opengl and not directx), the colormasks sometimes don’t work.

In my own lib, i’ve set the colormask in the ‘glBegin’ Function, so that everytime, an object is drawn and glBegin is called, the colorMask is automatically set.

But this doesn’t seem to work with vrml viewers and i had the idea, that this vrml viewer creates the geometry sometimes in another way and doesn’t call glBegin before creating that geometry.

So my question is: Are there any other functions that are directly or automatically called before some geometry can be drawn, so i can put my colormask command into this function?

thanks in advance

Watch for display list.

Vertex Arrays.

and vbo.