Function Point Analysis (Sigh...)

Hi all.

Could anyone point me in the direction of a app which will count functions in C++?

The project my company is working on is about to be picked up by a major player and they want to have some basic function point specs on the code. I’ve written a system to parse the VB code we have but I dont even want to think about doing it for C++.

Basically, all I need is an app that I can point at a directory and it will give me some nice stats on the CPP files in that diectory.

Any ideas?


Are you looking for something like a text parser that will just hunt and tag functions within .cpp and .h files?

I would suggest a simple pattern-matching routine, and in this case, I’d hide my head in shame and use MFC’s CString.

void myFunction( myArgs ) { … }

could be matched to %a1%s1(%a2){%s2…

If I misunderstood the question, sorry…

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Just remembered something…

JavaDoc is a util for documenting Java code in the way i believe you are describing. You might want to check out the documentation for that tool and just port it to C/C++.

Also, the Visual Studio 7 pre-beta ships with a utility that generates function documentation of source code. The nicest thing about this one is that it generates XML output. I think it was developed with C# in mind ( yuck again ), but the similarities of the two languages should make the transition easy.


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