Fun with screen captures

I curently have an application that usus GLUT with a main window and a bunch of sub windows ie:glutCreateSubWindow().

I use FRAPS to capture movies of the application for demonstrations. the problem is that FRAPS only records one of the sub windows, not the whole thing.

Would you have any advice on workarounds? I’m currently thinking of rendering to a texture FBO and putting that onto a full-screen quad but there are complexities (aren’t there always!):

- the texture would be comprised of several "sub regions" (maybe I could use a separate FBO for each and multiple quads on-screen? seems too easy!)

- the main reason for havin subwindows in the first place is to have different mouse event handlers.

Any suggestions?

Fraps can capture the whole desktop, thus capturing all your sub-windows, too. Maybe that would be a quick work-around.


Fraps can capture the whole desktop, thus capturing all your sub-windows

Since my app often times run in full screen that would be an ideal free) compromise. However, I can find no reference to a full desktop capture either in the docs or the configuration screen. I curently use version 3.0.1


I use CamStudio, where you manually define the region

Under “General” enable “Monitor Aero desktop” and then hit the Movie-Capture key when the desktop is focused (so either start your app after that, or have it minimized). If you let Fraps show the FPS counter, then you can easily see, when it would capture the whole desktop.



Maybe I should have tried it on an Aero machine! the option didn’t even appear under XP. Works like a charm under vista, will try it out with Win7 monday.

Thanks a lot!