Fun with OpenGL and 3DFX

Well, i’m rocking an old school voodoo3 and have the same problems initializing OpenGL in several games. It worked for years but suddenly after installing Jedi Knight it decided to go haywire. Any suggestions for a girl with a voodoo 3 card?

Also, i’m using WinME.

From having played the demo, I can tell you that JK2 likes a hefty vid card. If you’re really into games, I’d suggest upgrading to a Radeon or Geforce2mx, you can find them online for about $50 from good e-tailers like

The simple fact is, drivers haven’t been developed for that card in a couple years, so it’s hard to expect it to support the latest and greatest. You can try installing different drivers, moving around opengl.dll files, and some of the other suggestions listed on this board.

Sorry, wish I had an easy fix for you.

get xp drivers for v3 i got the hoe 1.0 from