FullScreen ?

I would like to know how to render in fullscreen mode…
is there a little simple command … ?


Hi !

It depends on your operating system and a few other details (MFC,glut,FOX,Wx,Win32,Qt,Xlib or whatever you are using).


On the operating system / windowing system side of things, there is usually not such a thing as “fullscreen” (except for under AmigaOS - I really miss those “screens”).

The system is “tricked” into doing fullscreen by using a borderless window that covers the entire desktop, and lies on top of all other windows. Technically, there seems to be a difference, since I think the OpenGL drivers can detect fullscreen mode and do things differently (e.g. page-flip v.s. memory blitt).

Most toolkits (GLUT,GLFW,CPW,etc) have some kind of support for fullscreen displays.

Hi !

On Win32 you can do “real” fullscreen mode.

That probably depends on how you define “fullscreen”. For me it means pretty much what was possible on the Amiga: each application can open one or more “screens”, on which you can place either normal windows, or a “backdrop” window (roughly meaning it covers the entire screen). The user can then switch between the existing screens (the “desktop” being one of them), and the OS keeps track of what to show, and what resolution each screen has etc.

Under Windows you have to ChangeDisplaySettings(), which affects all windows running on the system. There is no way of saying “this window should cover the entire screen, AND have the following video mode…”, it is two separate things.