Fullscreen Rendering

Does anyone know how to get OpenGL in Win32 to use Fullscreen mode

you have to use changedisplaysettings(&devmode, CDS_FULLSCREEN).

devmode is a structure for resolution. If you don’t have window platform sdk look at it at www.msdn.com under library

Ok i sorta got that to work except that now the screen flashes black then just goes to the normal window. i have the documentation but i could not find the problem to fix it
thanks for you help

Visit NeHe’s tutorials at http://nehe.gamedev.net/ . Most examples have code for Win32 fullscreen.

i can’t figure out how to go fullscreen in an MFC-application,it nearly has to be the same,but because MFC hides so much window-stuff,i had problems there…

crappy, the flashing and going back to the window is probably due because you ask for an unsupported resolution.

It might also be that your window is not the size of the resolution to which you try to change. You should also make your window without borders.

thanks i got it working now