Fullscreen problem


As you may know, OpenGL (FreeGLUT, acctually) in Linux don’t go fullscreen.
If you try glutGameModeString("…"); glutEnterGameMode(); You’ll get a non-fullscreen border-less window.

More details on what I did in my blog (in portuguese) http://tarcisiof.blogspot.com/

Ok, now, I want to know if there’s another way to go fullscreen.
I was trying with SDL, but, is it a good way to go ?

My objective is to create simple games. Just for study openGL.

I found that “simple games to study opengl” is much easier with GLFW.
I have little experience with SDL, so can not comment on this.

Another vote for GLFW over SDL. It’s a leaner, cleaner library that just works ™.

Vote for SDL. But either one will do, you really wont need much knowledge of SDL because it will just create a simple context and return to OpenGL.
I think SDL has more energy and support than the others (you can get feedback faster and search for solutions with better results) and it could support consoles soon.

If you’re doing simple games, you may also be interested in knowing that SDL also provides support for audio.