Fullscreen over 2 monitors


I want to view my application in fullscreen over two monitors. Is this possible?

When I set my application to “glFullScreen()” it is only fullscreened on primary monitor.

What else must I insert in my code to view it over two monitors in fullscreen?
Please help me.

glFullScreen is not an OpenGL command.
What is your OS, video card and code framework ?

of course I mean glutFullScreen. Sorry.
I work on Win 7, but I can switch to Linux if it only works there. I have a QuadroFX 380.

Does it work with a lower card? for example Geforce 9300M GS`?

I don’t know what you mean with code framework? I use OpenGL, nothing else.

He meant GLUT I think. Anyway, GLUT is quite old and I’m pretty sure it does not support multi-display full screen modes.
You should either try to find a more appropriate framework or just write your own window handling from scratch.

GLUT isn’t OpenGL, it’s a framework for handling windowing, input, etc (none of which are part of OpenGL) which is built around OpenGL.

Yes, I use GLUT

And how can I do fullscreen over two monitors now?

As I already mentioned, if I’m correct, GLUT is not capable of it. You should either use a better framework or write your own.

I got it. Is is possible via Game Mode:


Done. Thanks for your help.

Good to know that. Then I’ll never again underestimate the capabilities of GLUT :smiley: