Fullscreen GL + GetSaveFileName() problem


Perhaps this will turn out to not be a non-opengl related thing, but I am stuck and pretty stressed to get this feature sorted.

Any tips from anyone, on a robust way to ask the user for a folder in a fullscreen gl app?

I have a fullscreen gl context and use directinput 7 non-exclusive mode for input. When I launch the GetSaveFileName() to prompt a screenshot directory from the user, 95% of the time the dialog comes up but immediately shuts down again, but returns a
path, like if someone immediately pressed ok. I’ve tried lots of SetFocus, GetFocus, ShowWindow, etc, even tried releasing the directinput class, but nothing seem to help. I’ve tried ShowCursor, and all types of hWnd sources for the OPENFILENAME structure. I’ve never had any problems with the GetSaveFileName() before, in windowed modes or non GL apps, so I’m pretty sure I am using that function correctly.

Many thanks,
Joakim Sandstrom

Tried creating your fullscreen window but not creating an opengl context?
If you eliminate opengl, you can go to another forum to continue your search for the answer.