Fullscreen bug on radeon cards


I experienced a bug on radeon games on my last openGL project,

It appears that in fullscreen mode (only) the games doesnt display correctly , you show lines moving fast on the whole screen , but after the splash screen ( which dispays correctly and is in openGL too)

It seems that the problem is related to VSync because when I set wait for VSync in the openGL dispay settings , the game dispays better ( no more lines but a little flickering …)

If I take a screeshot of my screen , It actually displays correctly in Paint , so the problem is directly related to display and dispay only (no openGL error code, no others bugs in the game …)

I ve tried to comment some pieces of code to show which part of code causes the problem but I can find it .

So have you ever experienced problem like this and how to fix it

Thanx in advance


can you post any screenshots ?

Thanx for reply,

I finally founded that the source of the problem , I called SwapBuffers in two differents places ,

removed one and that fine now

ok, :stuck_out_tongue:

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