fullscreen bug (always these damn bugs)

When I rund my app in a window everything is rendered normally, but if I run in fullscreen I can only see orhogonal graphics rendered, no 3d stuff. I’m using NeHe’s basecode for creating the opengl window.
Where this bug could be?

Maybe your graphics card has not enough memory to support the desired fullscreen resolution and fails to render.
E.g. on an 8 MB board even 102476832bits is too much. Think of front+back+depth/stencil buffers gives ca. 12 bytes per pixel, that’s 9MB. And you might want textures.

Scale accordingly if you have more onboard memory. 1280102432 bits might be too much for a 16 MB board, and so forth…

It’s not that, I have gf2 MX 32mb. It did work a while ago but I did some changes to the structure of my app. The funny thing is that I don’t remember what changes did I do becouse I used windowd mode so long.

If I have learned anything, it is that the card itself is the source of alot of problems. Your card may not have the display mode for full screen. I can’t get anything to work on full screen on one adapter but can on my other. Oh, you might want to get the latest drivers.

It tells me if the current fullscreen mode is not available by my card, and I have tested it on my friends machines with gf4ti and they have the same problem.
I have noticed that I can see some polygons go by the screen weirgly when I rotate the camera in fullscreen. Seems like the near clip plane would be too close, but it can’t if it works in windowed mode.

Sounds like your projection matrix isn’t being set properly when using fullscreen mode. I’d double (triple) check that it is being set correctly, and not changed afterwards. What are you using for the near plane?

I changed the code not to call the resize function which sets the projection matrix if in fullscreen, but it didn’t help. My near plane is set to 1.0, I also tried 0.1, but didn’t help.

Not sure if this helps, but are you correctly (re)initialising your textures and display lists? IIRC switching to fullscreen (re)creates a rendering context and will clear out previously loaded textures if you don’t take precautions (like wglShareLists() etc.)

Just my .02