Full Screen Mode w/openGL in MFC SDI

Anyone know how to toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes in an OpenGL based MFC/SDI application? I have searched google and found references to some classes you can use to base your applications but that is not what I am looking for. I wish to understand the mechanism for doing this so I can implement it in my existing applications, I do not wish to retrofit my applications to use someone else’e encapsulation of OpenGL for MFC.

Thanks in advance!

Try the fullscreen demo under Miscellany at

it is a bit dated but the host of the newer site

is having some problems at the moment.

It is not an SDI app, but at least the mechanism is there.

Evidently Joel has pulled that demo from his site. He is looking for a volunteer to tackle this topic …

Thanks for the try, any other ideas?

I didn’t pull it from the website but the link is broken on both websites. I can’t upload to the host of the site I’m currently maintaining. Sorry about that. If you want me to email the fullscreen demo please email me. Also there was a mfc app wizard by Jeff Burns that did full screen on the NeHe site but I think nehe took it down and I think Humus had a full screen mfc app on his site.

I was looking for a volunteer to test this on a system with a Voodoo1/2 as a “true” full screen test and maybe some one to figure out how to repeatedly switch between full screen and windowed mode.