Full Screen 640 X 480 ?

How would I make my program full screen simulating a television resolution? I want to make the pixels be 640 X 480 in full screen mode with 32 bit color. So, each pixel would be sort of “scaled”. How would I do this?

What OS and windowing API do you use?

I don’t really understand your question. Full screen and ‘simulating television resolution’ are
two separate things to me. Are they the same thing for you?

You get some fullscreen code from any NeHe tutorial:

I am using Win2000 and OpenGL, GLUT.

What I mean by this…I want to simulate how it will look on a television. So, how it would look running on a Playstation2 console for instance.

Have a look at the game mode in GLUT. It allows you to change resolution.

Do you mean render it so it appears like the whole scene is being rendered on a curved surface?

Edit: If you are just looking to use the television resolution…that is 640x480. But if you were to use 800x600, it would still be the same scene and the use probably couldn’t tell the difference in proportions (there are none I think). Plus with higher resolutions, your textures look a little nicer.

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