Full screen 3D acceleration with Linux?

With the help of the ol’ 3dfx HOWTO and the Glide SDK, I could use my old Voodoo 2 on a separate monitor with Full screen / 3D acceleration while using my main monitor on console mode for debuging. (yippee).

But so far, every OpenGL demo I’ve seen are non-accelarated, X-based demos. I should’ve known this, as demos are stripped down for showing some coding technique, not 3D acceleration.

How do I set up an OpenGL window that uses hardware accelaration? There’s not a lot of this stuff out there. I believe the window should have some flag called PFD_DOUBLE for this but I’m not sure.

One could point out any demo that shows this in a clear and efficient way.

Oh. One more thing. I don’t use XFree 4.0 or some brand new card (like nVidia) yet. So XFree 4.0 solutions are not in my alley. Sorry.


There is another thread where I ask the same question. GLX is the layer between GL and X, and it does not care if it is in fullscreen mode or not, the same goes for GL. It is up to you to get X to change to a display, then to create a window that covers the entire root window. I am still looking for source on how to do this the ‘correct’ way. I haven’t had much time to research it though.


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