Full openGL Engine - beginner here!! :)


Firstly excuse me if this doesn’t come out correctly as I am very new to the world of OpenGL!

I am basically trying to locate the source code for the OpenGL Engine in order to develop a similar (but far simpler) Engine within Macromedia Director using only lingo. I don’t know whether or not the Engine is open source (my apologies for asking this question if it is not an open source engine), but if it is I would really like to examine it so that I can develop an understanding of the operations that need to be developed in order to display 3D objects in real time.

I have an basic understanding of the types of calls I need to issue in order to display 3D objects, but I have next to no idea as to the type of code I need to write which will effectively be processing those calls (the engine that is).

Any help or advice here would be greatly appreciated. Once again, my apologies for asking this question if the engine is in fact not open source. If this is the case then just pointing me in the right direction for learning more about the operations/ideas behind OpenGL would be great!

Many thanks in advance!


Hi there!

If you mean OpenGL itself, there is a freely available version called MESA. It is compatible (have not tried it myself) with OpenGL. I think the source code is available.

I can’t recall the URL right now but you should be able to find it with infoseek or altavista.



If your looking for a sorce to a 3d engine using openGL you might try looking at Crystal Space

Its writen in C++ and full source is avalible

Its might be GPL lincenced, so you might haft to relase your source if you use it.

Thanks for your help guys!

I will look into these solutions a bit more and let you know how I go with it all!

Thanks again!