Front buffer XOR rendering not works on GeForce2

I am wondering if anyone has the same problem. One of my coworker’s PC has a GeForce2 GTS card. When the application tries to render a rubber band using standard front buffer XOR technique, nothing is drawn. Same code works on other cards, including TNT2.
Someone knows how to workaround with it?
Thanks in advance.

Well, it should work…

  • Matt

Well, it just doesn’t work.
I just couldn’t explain it.
The driver is from Detonator 3, it is running on Windows 2000. I can provide more details if needed. Thanks.

Okay. The same opengl app works perfectly on my PC with the same GeForce2 card, but it still has the same problem on my coworker’s PC, ie. front buffer XOR rendering shows nothing.
We have identical hardware and PC are almost brand new. The only difference is they were touched by different users(myself vs. my coworker) for a few days before we got the card.
Anything we can try?

A desparating coconut

Okay. The front buffer drawing works when I logged on my coworker’s PC. However, this doesn’t work again when my coworker logged on after I logged off.
Any clues?

Sounds like a glitchy PC.

  • Matt

Could there be some registry settings that make the difference?