From linux to windows. ¿what do I have to modify?

HI, I’m new in the community and I have made some little things with OpenGL on Linux. I’m thinking to compile those on windows, but ¿how can I do it without the “windows.h” file?. (I don’t like that windows library, it confuses me).

If anyone knows of a method or have any comments, please reply.

If you want minimal changes try CYGWIN which is a free download of Linux GNU programs for Windows including an X server. Some minor changes may need to be made - fewer signals are available and some of the shared memory support seems a bit flaky but I haven’t done much with it and the X server is also a bit flaky but to quickly work on it on WIndows it is a good choice. If you plan to actually write an application to run on Windows most people will not want to download and install Cygwin so best bet is to learn Win32 and/or MFC or C#.

Have you tried glut or SDL?

Those libraries can help you to get “some” OS independance until you feel more confortable with Windows.

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