Freezes up, Tried everything

alright, ive got a g-force 4 mx440 with the latest drivers(omega drivers but i had the same problems before that so that not the problem) 900mhz cpu… a 250 watt powersupply (compaq)

Problem: every time i play a game it alwayz freezes, however there is never ANY forwarning it runs fine then bang, it stops with no 3 button solution. there are no conflicting irq’s i have a crappy computer so i dont think the PSU is the problem, but ive had this problem with a 32 meg card too.any help would be so greatly appreciated.

It could indicate overheating of some component.

Why post this in a OpenGL forum instead of a hardware group?

thanks for the reply, i did so because of the possibility the problem is opengl related, and back to the reply i but my room fan up to the darn thing with the case off and it didnt do anything