Freeglut.dll File not found, using visual studio

I’m trying to use the FreeGlut Package with my program, but everytime I try to debug it says that

The program can’t start because freeglut.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

I’ve downloaded the FreeGlut Package using NuGet Install-Package FreeGlut which downloads 2 folders,



the redist folder includes the DLL

I included the debug folders in the Additional Library directories, which visual studio compiles and runs, but then I get a black window and a message popping up saying the above quote
I’ve tried including the redist debug folders in the Additional Library Directories of my project, but the DLL file still can’t be found when running.

Is the redist debug folders supposed to be included somewhere else? Or am I missing a step when installing the FreeGlut Package?

hi there,

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