Free standalone glsl compiler

I don’t yet have a card that supports GLSL, but I want to start testing some ideas with it.

I tried to download the 3dlabs compiler, but it doesn’t include glslang.dll which it needs…

So I downloaded the source to compile the missing dll, but it requires a newer version of Microsoft’s compiler than I have…

I saw there is a GNU/Linux version so I download cygwin to compile that under windows. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to compile.

Can anybody post a link to the glslang.dll that is needed to go with the stand alone 3dlabs compiler for poor guys like me or point me to another compiler?



Are you using the archive from

The glslang library is one of the projects in that source.

There’s a bug in the workspace that builds to two projects out of order: Standalone gets built before the glslang.lib it requires.

If you build the solution again (or fix the dependency), it should link fine.

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