I am completely new to WebGL … i would like to know which framework is the best.

I have developed a WebGL Joint And Object (JOA) Framework.

It is designed to be used by people who want to create WebGL projects without having to know a lot about what happens in at the WebGL level. No need to know about shaders, binding or buffers.

The framework allows you to define objects (or parts), link them together to and then move and rotate them while keeping true to their linked relationship.

The framework has support for animation and keyboard handling.

It contains everything you need to start WebGL (no other downloads besides a WebGL compatible browser) are necessary.

A nice example of a human figure with bendable parts and animation is provided.

The framework can be downloaded at:

Since it is all Javascript and HTML, it can easily be checked to ensure that it does not contain any malicious code.


We’re making progress building on top of the ThreeJS framework - it plays well with other javascript frameworks like jquery and is relatively easy to learn with. It’s likely we’ll stick with this going forwards on our projects, and there are many webGL showcase sites already using it.

See Post:


Regarding the WebGL Joint And Object Framework available for download and an in-action preview.

Actually i need to work with various file formats like .obj .
So any suggestions ?

The JOA Framework Version 1.2 does not support various standard file formats directly. However, I use free software (Anim8or) to load 3DS or (Wavefront) OBJ files and then export the data to a format usable by the JOA Framework.

The process is described in the documentation that comes with the JOA Framework. However, as I said, there is no direct support for OBJ files in the framework. At least not yet…Maybe in a future release.

Otherwise I have no idea what is really out there. I just started with WebGL myself and made the JOA Framework as more of a collection of the various bits and pieces that I found in the various examples (mostly the conversions of NeHe’s OpenGL examples).

Sorry I can not be of more help.

Ok… Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: