frames ???


i guess my doubt is very simple to you guys, so help me please.

i’ve been reading the Nehe tuts (very good, by the way) and i learned a lot.
but i didn’t get the principal idea? here is my doubt:
ok, i started the opengl, change the resolution and draw my scene first time.
but is there a infinite loop that draws my scene every time ???
and (if i wanna) check for keyboards events to change the scene ???
and what the matrix is ???
what i have to push and pop to matrix ??
can somebody help me ???

PS: i really sorry the many questions, but i really need to know those answers to continue.

thanks …

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[This message has been edited by Blza (edited 06-25-2000).]

Get the OpenGL SuperBible, or the Red book, or both. Plus there is lots of sample code floating around this site, the Web, that will help you. Windows messaging will check keyboard input for you, this is standard C or C++ stuff, found in many good books on those subjects. You gotta do more homework. It will come.

But where can i find those books ???
I’m brazilian and it is hard to find this sort of book around here.
On web ???
buy it ???


Look at the links at nehe’s site at the left there is a link to the super bible and the red and blue book.
The DrawGlScene Function will be called infinitely, depending on how fast your computer is it will be called more often or less in the second(or minute {grin}). Hmm think it is so. Sorry for my bad english.