Frame Synchronization

Hello Guys,
I am synchronizing the 120HzSamsungLCD with 120Hz Stereo projector using NVIDIA Quadro G-Sync and NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 graphics card. so that left/right images on LCD can synchronize with the left/right images on the projector. I am using OpenGL to generate lef/right images on both projector and LCD and using WindowVista operating system.

Problem: once i synchronize both using NvidiaControl Panel, the Samsung LCD runs at 119.997hz and Projector runs slightly less than than which is 119.993hz which makes the left/right pattern of projector to go out of synch with LCD in 3-4 minutes.
Is there any way i can solve this problem.
any way i can put little delay in the refresh rate of samsung or projector?

guys, I have replaced WindowVista with WindowXP, By doing so both projector and LCD are running now at same refresh rate of 119.997hz. but their left/right images are still not synchronized. It seems DepthQ projector frame refresh rate is bit faster than that of LCD inspite the fact both are showing same rate of 119.997hz on NvidiaControlPanel. Is there any way i can put delay in the frame rate of projector? using OpenGL or ???

Please help

What is your exact setup?
Two PCs synced via Quadro G-Sync, both outputting different content, and your problem is using one pair of shutterglasses for both display and projection?

I am not using Shutterglasses. The display actually consists of a direct-view LCD (120Hz Samsung) whose backlight is replaced by optics that form the exit pupils under the control of a head position tracker. An image-pair is produced on a single LCD screen by temporal multiplexing where left and right images are produced sequentially. In order to perceive 3D on direct viewing LCD, video images on the LCD and exit pupil information on the projector have to be synchronized. OpenGL extension is used to identify and synchronize the frames of applications running on both the LCD and projector. Using XP both are now running at same refresh rate of 119.997Hz but I think DMD projector is somehow internally refreshing bit faster than LCD…is there any way i can put delay in the frame rate of DMD (120hz) projector.