Frame Synchronization Query

I am synchronizing the 120HzSamsungLCD with 120Hz Stereo projector using NVIDIA Quadro G-Sync and NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 graphics card (it can support synchronization of both devices using one card) so that left/right images on LCD can synchronize with the left/right images on the projector.
I am using openGL to create two separate windows (one for samsungLCD and other for stereoprojector that shows left and right images alternatively) and want to enable buffer swaps of these two application windows using follwoing command so that windows running on these two systems can synchronize the application buffer swaps between them.(both system are already frame locked and running at same refresh rate of 119.993Hz).

BOOL JoinSwapGroupNV(HDC hDC, GLuint group);

but don’t know where and how to use this command in openGL
any help will be greatly appreciated.

It looks like this is a WGL NVIDIA extension from the extension specification.

That should tell you how to use it.

You can find example code at the end of this file:

Be aware that current drivers do not support swap synchronization for more than one window per system.

You can however frame synchronize two monitors in the nvidia control panel.

thanks guys, I highly appreciate it.