fragment shader at -1 with A. Premiere (MB Looks)


I am new to the forum and i dont know if this forum is the appropriate place to ask this question but i am having this error message whenever i try to color correct with MB Looks in Adobe Premiere CS4.

An OpenGL error occurred while attempting to load the frame (fragment shader at -1: )

I have

Sapphire ATI HD5830 1GB DDR5 PCI-E
Intel i930
6GB DDR3 Memory
Gigabyte UD7 Mainboard
MB Looks 1.2 and 1.3, tried on both
Atı Catalyst v10.9 (Latest Drivers)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit

What can be the problem? I have to finish my work to get paid and i cant continue because of this

Help is highly appreciated


If the plugin have never worked on this machine, it may be that your hardware is not compatible.
If it has already worked, then either a change in driver did something, or it depends on the work you do. I do not know your plugin but frame size, alpha channel or not, too many layers, are usual suspects.

In any case, this sounds more like a problem from MB Looks, their support may be more useful than anything from here, unless someone already solved that ?
“This update is for Windows users with an ATI Graphics card using the latest 10.7 driver update.” -> this may be interesting.