frag shader compile error


I have a simple frag shader that is not compiling on OS X. It says it does not know ‘fragColor’, but that is built-in, isn’t it? I use it in all my other frag shaders but this one is giving me this error. Anyone know why that might happen?


Frag Shader compile log:
ERROR: 0:9: Use of undeclared identifier ‘fragColor’

Failed to compile frag shader:
#version 150
// ShadowMapping

void main()
fragColor = vec4(1.0);


Actually, past a certain version of GLSL, you have to define it yourself, like this:

out vec4 fragColor;

i am well aware of that, but you were talking about built in variable, which is gl_FragColor, not fragColor. and there’s no declaration of fragColor in supplied shader code, so i assumed a typo. but yes gl_FragColor is deprecated since GLSL 1.2