Fps for cts

Hi Its just a small ? but I play cts and I dont no how to have 100 fps.

My cpu is amd 2400+xp My motherboard is Gigabyte kt 400 or K7 triton 400
I got a Radeon 9700pro and 2 chips of
512 DDR 400 I use windows XPpro

Now I only get 72 fps all the time
I just dont no how to change this and I dont no how to use openGL. I no I have the new drivers for my video card.


O and I got directX 9 if that changes any thing and windows xp updates all of them.

thx again

I have a similar problem: 72FPS constant

I have Xmicro impact ti4200 with 29.xx drivers. P4 2.66, 256 MB PC2700 RAM

If i install latest detonator drivers i go even slower and lose all facilities to edit the openGL settings.

Someone help me get 100 fps please