FPS drop by close look at Texture ???

Hi all,

i am encountering a strange problem in may game.
Its about jumping from plate to plate…
so if i stand o a plate looking at the rest of the world fps is fine:

So if i now just move the mouse to look at the floor of the plate i am standing on, it drops dramaticly:

of course here is no big change in the game logic happening… its just looking down by mousemovement…

if i do a high jump and look at the world from above rate is as well a bit smaller:

can anyone help me or give me a hint what is happening here ?

the textures a *.raw files 256x256 and are repeatet some times on the object.

thanx a lot

Overdraw? Might help if you draw the platforms first and then the pink-gray background box (what hardware is this on?).

Do you use mipmaping ?
Otherwise, when looking textured objects from far away will be very costly (cost is roughly equal to distance multiplied by number of visible pixels).

hi thanx for the answers.

  1. yess i use mipmaps
  2. its a Compaq 6710b laptop 4 years old. GPU supports opengl 1.8

but i saw now that the framedropping somehow goes together with the screen resolution aspect ratio. in some ratios this does not happen …

any idea ?