formulas and xmlns:math

From the collada exmples I’ve seen that include formulas, all of them use xmlns:math and include a

xmlns:math=“MathML Namespace

attribute in the COLLADA tag. I’ve tried to do this in collada-dom with no success by:

daeSafeCast<domCOLLADA>(doc->getDomRoot())->setAttribute(“xmlns:math”,“MathML Namespace”);

The problem is that collada-dom limits the attributes that could be set. In the end I ended up modifying and using a local copy of collada-dom with the xmlns:math attribute added in domCOLLADA.cpp.

Is there a better way to do this?


…it would be great to get some feedback on this… or perhaps change collada-dom to support a xmlns:math attribute?

The schema allows the xmlns attribute on two elements: <COLLADA> and <technique> so what you appear to be attempting should work.

Have you reported this bug at sourceforge?

Can you post your work-around?

yes i have tried adding it with no success, i just posted a bug report at sourceforge