Forceware 81.95/98 and 6800GS

The forceware 81.95/98 drivers from NVIDIA don’t recognize my hardware for some reason. The card came with 82.12 on the driver disc, and it runs just fine (actually it’s awesome :cool: ).

I had a peek inside the inf file and I didn’t see an NV42 listed, which I believe is the number for the 6800GS. The NVIDIA driver site lists the 6800GS as supported for these driver versions so I’m just scratching my head here as to why these versions won’t work.

System: Windows XP SP2, P4 2.Ghz, 512Mb
Card: BFG 6800GS 256Mb OC (AGP)

Any ideas appreciated.



After reading the fine print in the release notes it turns out that only the PCI-E version is officially supported, although unofficial support has been added in some beta drivers (82.12, for example).

I’m guessing this situation will be remedied in a future release.

Any additional comments or corrections are most welcome.