Font problem in the forum ???

Sorry, this has nothing to do with OpenGL but: is it me or is there a problem with the fonts in the forum ???

It looks like if all posts since yesterday are using a strange font after the first one or two lines…

Could someone confirm the problem ??? Or is it simply my IE5.5 which is going crazy ?



Well, I am trying with Netscape 4.7 now (yes I know, 6.0 is out…) and I have the same problem… I guess I’ll drop a line to the boardmaster…


I have this problem too.

I use Netscape 4.75 for Solaris, and I have no problems with the fonts. Can be because sometimes, it overrides the specified font, and uses it’s own, but not sure.

I´m using IE4.0 and I have the same problem…It appears since the forum was updated…

Greets, XBTC!

Same here with IE 5.0

As I said, I e-mailed the boardmaster about this issue… They usually answer pretty quickly (don’t know if they can fix such problem as fast !).

Bob, you’re lucky !



I have IE 5.0. And have not any problem at all!!!

OK, I know what the problem is, but I don’t know how to solve it !

If you look at the HTML code that the board produces, you will see that one of the font is specified as “Verdana, Arial” which means choose either, Verdana being the preferred.

What happens here (and on all the computers I have around me !) is that the first line (before the first CR/LF) is displayed with Verdana while the rest is displayed with Arial…

Funky thing: if you change the font size in IE5.5 toolbar, it does affect the text printed using Verdana but not the one printed using Arial !

My problem is that, nowhere in the HTML code, it is said that the browser should switch the fonts…

So the bug might not be with the board but with something else… The strange thing though is that I have the problem with IE as well as Netscape, and on several different machines…

Well, I’ll wait until the boardmaster answers !




After checking the HTML code again, it SAYS to the browser that it should change…

I mean, the first line starts with font=“Verdana” and the rest with font=“Arial”…

This is definitely a board problem, then…



Hop !

Just had an e-mail from the webmaster: everything should be OK now…

Here is a snip:

"Ah - thanks for catching that. It seems the style sheet and the
discussion software were conflicting. I reverted back the style
sheet change.

It should be fixed. Let me know if that problem continues.

Tony DeYoung"

For me, the problem has gone (Thanks, Tony !) ! What about you, guys ?



Yes, it’s gone!