font help

Hi peoples,

Im new to opengl so i hope some on can help me with this.

I have the freetype library but i dont know how to use this. can someone please post some links with examples? or post some example how to display a letter. i used google to find it but couldnt fina anything usefull about this.

regards naruto

Hi !

Using freetype on it’s own with OpenGL is a bit messy, but there are other libraries that work together with FreeType to make your life easier.

I don’t have an url in my head at the moment, but I think you will find them if you go to and search for “freetype”, you might also want to have a peek at

If I remember correct there is an old FreeType 1 library called GLFT or something like that, but on sourceforge there should be a more modern library using FreeType 2.