Follow my development! (For Beginners)

Ok, I do not claim to be the best OpenGL programmer out there! Heck! I know I’m not, I’m just learning. However, I have been hitting OpenGL up pretty hard lately so that I can acheive my dream of becoming a video game programmer. It’s comeing along quite nicely.

In the last week I have started creating a Space Invaders clone with one of my buddies who shares the same passion as I do. We are making updates pretty close to daily and we are posting the code (along with the .exe) on the site for anyone to look at. This information should be very valuable to any newbies (such as myself) to OpenGL and/or Game programming. Please remember that we are still learning and that we are very pleased so far with our progress. We are also always trying to improve the way our code works.

Please feel free to send comments. Enjoy!

I suppose the link to site would help:


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Looks good, I am in a similar boat. I need to learn DX or OGL from scratch and integrate it with VB. I was planning on documenting my progress for prosperity. Once I have something worth talking about I will add a link to your site!

Good luck dude

Thanks for the reply! I wish you luck with everything that your doing and I look forward to seeing your progress!


I, i.e. the “buddy”, would like to add a heart-felt “Wahooo!” Hopefully I’ll get my act together soon and create some nice models/textures for the game. Audio is coming along nicely. Nothing says “Die, Sucka!” quite like a pop gun that goes “Pew pew pew”. Stay tuned. We have some pretty interesting things planned for this age-old classic.

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