Hi there,
I have problem using fog. When I enable the fog, the screen near the viewer look scramble. but its good when the object is far.
Can anybody tell me what is the problem and how to fix that problem.


I have tried to use the gl_linear, gl_exp, and gl_exp2 and has been tried using different parameter but the result is same.

Did you try varying the fog density?
Some code would also be nice :slight_smile:

I’ve tried different values for fog density but the result is same.

I’ve found why i got that problem. I tried my program to another computer and its work perfectly. So I make a conclusion that the problem is not on my program but in hardware or maybe I have different version of OpenGL driver. Anyway thanks to everybody escpecially to XVS for supporting me.



P.S. Can I contact you personally XVS. Via email. I want to be your friend.