Fog bug.., yes or no ?


I have been tryng to fix this fog problem i have in my engine, and i don’t know if it’s my problem, or drivers problem.
So, i would like if anyone please test this little application (basically is the nehe’s fog tutorial) to see if you have the same problems that i have.
You can see a shot of my problem here ;

When the objects disapear in the fog, even if the fog color and the background clear color are the same, i can allways see the object, in this case a cube,
I tested this on a
Geforce2 with Windows XP, and
Geforce3 with Windows ME

Let me know if you have the same problem that i do…
The source is here :
To move the object in Z, use Pg up and Pg dn.


In 32bit window mode, the object completly dissapears.

in 16 and 32bit fullscreen mode, the object is always visible.

This was for Geforce 256 with 23.11 drivers. Win2k.


Hey nutty…

Same here., so, it’s a driver bug, right ?
Should i sent it to nvidia ?