fly-through camera

I have been assigned the task of creating a 3-d world with objects, lighting, textures, and a fly-through camera.

I plan to first create a floor w/ a texture, then the fly-through camera, then add other objects, and finally the lighting. Is this order fine or am I overlooking something?

What’s the best approach for the camera? It needs to respond to keyboard commands to move through the environment. is glTranslatef(…) good for the movement part? If so, what command would I use to have the camera rotate inside the environment?

Any other advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. I don’t want to get in real deep only to find out there’s a better approach I could take…

-Dogcow “moof!”
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The answers to all your questions can be answered at and

Those are two excellent sites, with tutorials on cameras, lighting, model loading, and more.

Hope that helps!