FLTK guru needed

i want to use fltk for my c++/opengl application…i am totally new to fltk and i want someone to guide me…

Here is a FLTK Tutorial:

The Tutorial Code is at the Bottom of the page which says Swing.c Source Code

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I have not learned FLTK, but I found a website with a Animated Swing. I sat down for 10 minutes and revised it using GLUT, so I am not a FLTK guru, I’m just someone trying to help.

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I’m not sure if I’m a guru, but I have gotten GL to work with FLTK. Look at the CubeView demo source. Also, read the documentation about using GL with FLTK. The usual procedure is to define a subclass of Fl_Gl_Window, and implement a draw() method. There is also some documentation about using GLUT with FLTK, but I have not used this myself.

NOTE: you may have to modify config.h so that HAVE_GL is defined as 1 before compiling FLTK.