Floating point pbuffer

According to the wording of NV_float_buffer, it requires some WGL_* extensions and works therefore only under Windows. Is it possible at all to use floating point pixel buffers under Linux with current nvidia cards? If so, which card supports this?

If you have the latest NVIDIA drivers, you can get software emulation of floating-point pbuffers on GF3 hardware (maybe others, can’t say from personal experience). They support the GLX_NV_float_buffer extension, which is the GLX equivalent of the WGL thingies.

There’s a demo of how to use FP pbuffers in the NVIDIA Linux SDK:

(the ‘simple_float_pbuffer’ demo).

You also need to know how to enable NV30 emulation, which is here:

It’s … very … slow … but … better … than … nothing …

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