Floating Camera Algorithm

Helo folk !

Does anybody can give me an entry point how floating camera algorithm can be createed.

I think that for viewing with mouse, I need to assign correct values (OnMouseMove event) to the gluLookAt(0,0,0,xEye, yEye, zEye,0,1,0).
And for strafe need to translate all the objects to left or right or vice versa.

Thnx in advance!!


I am not sure about what you mean by floating. Whether it is complex phenomena or simple one.

Simplex phenomina
eye coordinates and up vector can made as a function of sine and cosine with some constant ( for example perlin noise) being multiplied Theta values can according to phase change.

complex phenomina,

You should describe your floating phenomina something like Waves, using some differential equation and then solve numerically for finding x,y,z position with time as m.

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The simple one I meant. It’d be better if I give explanation what I’m trying to do .

To draw simple elements e.g. box, cylinder, spehere as structural object(like column and beam) an to be able stroll around them with mouse and key navigation. But the camera path will depend on the mouse and keyboard input.

Do you have some code for this .?