float_array digits attribute value bogus in collada-dom 2.2

I am using the Collada DOM software version 2.2 to write a Collada 1.5 document. For a float_array element I am getting bogus digits attributes. A snip of my code is:

  daeElement* floats_pos = source_pos->add("float_array");
  domFloat_array* fa = daeSafeCast<domFloat_array>(floats_pos);
  daeTArray<double> result;

… fill result array
fa->getValue() = result;

With digits set to 6 I get:
<float_array id=“mesh1-geometry-position-array” count=“108” digits=“2490374”>…</float_array>
With 2 - 2490370
With 6 - 2490374
With 10 - 2490378

So there seems to be a pattern. Also not specifying digits functions like 6. Has anybody seen this behavior? I have purified my code and there were no problems. I have a hard time believing this could be a collada dom software issue since I am sure this would have been found by now but I noticed that they changed this to a Byte array for 1.5 so I am wondering if this could be a problem.


I have the same problem ,do you know why now?