Flipping in fullscreen mode


Does anybody know how to force accelerator to use flipping instead of copying in fullscreen mode under OpenGL?
May be this feature is available as extension?
May be something relating to PFD_SWAP_EXCHANGE / PFD_SWAP_COPY?


Usually it is automatic, though if you want to be careful you should make sure you don’t get a SWAP_COPY pixel format.

  • Matt

I have in my TNT2 Ultra absolutely equal formats except that in one PFD_SWAP_COPY flag is set and in the other PFD_SWAP_EXCHANGE is set. But FPS that I get is the same. How could this happen? I believed that SWAP_EXCHANGE if it presents always must be faster than SWAP_COPY. D3D FPS is different on my card for fullscreen mode ( that uses flipping I suppose ) and for the same size windowed ( that uses copy ). It’s hard to understand why OpenGL don’t use this flipping benefit.


Is OpenGL set to automatically choose? That is an option in the Advanced OpenGL setup for the TNT.