Hi guys, I got a problem concernine animation and OpenGL.
I must program an animation in C/C++ and it is has to be very fluid and wothout flickering.
I’ve been suggested to use OpenGl for 2D animation nut I would like to know from you if it is really the best choice and in the case how to make the animation more fluid.
Thanks a lot!

it depends on what type of output you need
you could do it in flash if it didnt mattered

if it must be done in hardware then opengl is not a bad choice

you should limit your frame rate to a fixed rate like 60fps or 30fps depending on your type of animation.

also you should have vertical sync enabled.

if you want an extra smooth animation use a postprocess motionblur effect so between frames it looks kinda mixed in between just like real film is (interpolated frames) but that is my personal choice.

Thanks for your help. Actually I’ve tried to make the same animation in Flash but it was incredibily slow and the speed of the animation changed depending on its complexity. Also I need be able to change several features of the geometrical pattern of the animation and this was almost impossible with Flash even using Action Script. I do not really know how my animation will came out using opengl so I wanted to be sure I can obtain a very good performance before starting programming. Do you believe I can rely on OpenGL?

That should be possible, as long as your animation is vector based and not raster based, raster based animation in 2D is probably not the ideal solution in OpenGL unless you can fit all you images in the GPU memory.